Festival theme & collateral design, 2012

In 2012, I was hired to produce all the year’s collateral for the Citizen Jane Film Festival, an annual festival of woman-made films here in Columbia. The year’s theme was “The End Is Just The Beginning” in honor of 2012, and so all the design had an apocalyptic theme. Armed with my camera and a friend willing to model (thanks, Lana!) I took a bunch of photos of Columbia landmarks to play with. We got lucky—a hotel was being torn down at the time, providing me with plenty of rubble for my destructive pleasure. The project ended up being huge; I produced over a hundred items of collateral ranging from posters to postcards, T-shirts to stickers, magazine ads to guest passes to programs. But it was immensely fun, and a very unique experience seeing my work plastered all over town. If you’d like to learn more about the festival (which I highly recommend, as it’s fantastic), you can check it out here.