dining room drama

Some of the rooms in our house, I had 100% planned out before we even set foot in the door. (Most of them didn’t stay planned, but shush. It’s a start.) Some of them developed plans naturally over time as I got used to the space. And some of them, I flung my furniture into […]


transplant shock

I’ve been absent for a while (again). Normally it’s just because I get busy or I don’t have much to talk about. This time, though, there was a legitimate reason. Because this happened: Yep, we moved! I was offered a job as an assistant art director with a marketing firm here in June, and I […]


happy birthday, luna

A while back, I promised to tell you about my dog, Luna. I sort of forgot—I think because she’s such a big part of my life these days I just spaced on the fact that my blog readers don’t automatically know about her. If you follow her tumblr, you’ve already seen her; if not…why not? […]


now on facebook!

Hey party people! If you enjoy this blog, but think you might really prefer to have your Kate-related information piped straight into your eyeballs, may I recommend my new Facebook page? I’ll share new work, doodles, specials on society6 and Spoonflower, and MUCH MORE!  It’s Kate Moore

house tour

I spend a lot of time talking about our house, and you’ve seen it in snippets here and there–our office and bathroom renovations, the porch tented in plastic for spray-painting, the kitchen counter displaying food. But I thought it was high time I showed you the place as a whole. We live in an approximately […]

fuzzy focus

Sometimes I wonder if I have adult-onset ADD or something. I have the hardest time sticking to a single project. I actually think it’s a byproduct of art school, when I had to think about eighty different things at the same time. I’m still in that mindset, except instead of being assigned a million projects, […]

quarter century narcissism time

Sorry for my absence for the past few days, friends. I had a busy weekend helping my brother and his family move, and then I turned twenty-five on Tuesday. So happy birthday to me, or as my brother always writes in his cards, “Happy 10/4 good buddy.” In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d […]

say nope to the taupe

I adore colors. I love them in paint, in fabric, in nature, or just in little swatches in a Pantone book. Whenever I find things arranged in a rainbow in Target or some other store, I immediately feel compelled to buy one (and then I’m sad later when I only have the one color and […]