Oh man. I was all rarin’ to go on a big old post today. I was gonna teach you how to reupholster dining chairs, because mine are done and they look so awesome I think I can basically consider myself an authority on the subject (or at least on how to half-ass it). I was […]

christmas footprint (bootprint?)

So I try not to even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, because I really like Thanksgiving–lots of food, you hang out with your family, but no pressure to give/receive gifts and not many songs (which are festive and exciting for like a week and then just aggravating). The thing is, due to limited financial […]

fuzzy focus

Sometimes I wonder if I have adult-onset ADD or something. I have the hardest time sticking to a single project. I actually think it’s a byproduct of art school, when I had to think about eighty different things at the same time. I’m still in that mindset, except instead of being assigned a million projects, […]