transplant shock

I’ve been absent for a while (again). Normally it’s just because I get busy or I don’t have much to talk about. This time, though, there was a legitimate reason. Because this happened: Yep, we moved! I was offered a job as an assistant art director with a marketing firm here in June, and I […]


happy birthday, luna

A while back, I promised to tell you about my dog, Luna. I sort of forgot—I think because she’s such a big part of my life these days I just spaced on the fact that my blog readers don’t automatically know about her. If you follow her tumblr, you’ve already seen her; if not…why not? […]


now on facebook!

Hey party people! If you enjoy this blog, but think you might really prefer to have your Kate-related information piped straight into your eyeballs, may I recommend my new Facebook page? I’ll share new work, doodles, specials on society6 and Spoonflower, and MUCH MORE!  It’s Kate Moore


Oh man. I was all rarin’ to go on a big old post today. I was gonna teach you how to reupholster dining chairs, because mine are done and they look so awesome I think I can basically consider myself an authority on the subject (or at least on how to half-ass it). I was […]

house tour

I spend a lot of time talking about our house, and you’ve seen it in snippets here and there–our office and bathroom renovations, the porch tented in plastic for spray-painting, the kitchen counter displaying food. But I thought it was high time I showed you the place as a whole. We live in an approximately […]

fuzzy focus

Sometimes I wonder if I have adult-onset ADD or something. I have the hardest time sticking to a single project. I actually think it’s a byproduct of art school, when I had to think about eighty different things at the same time. I’m still in that mindset, except instead of being assigned a million projects, […]

quarter century narcissism time

Sorry for my absence for the past few days, friends. I had a busy weekend helping my brother and his family move, and then I turned twenty-five on Tuesday. So happy birthday to me, or as my brother always writes in his cards, “Happy 10/4 good buddy.” In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d […]

why hello there

Hello friends! I’m Kate, and this is my blog. I’m a twentysomething graphic designer addicted to cooking, DIY and interior design. I’m starting this little project to share what I’ve got with the world–namely, my DIY projects, graphic work, and the recipes I stumble across in my day-to-day adventures. My main gig is my Etsy […]