radio silence

I haven’t forgotten you, dears. Christmas season just kicked my ass, as it always does. With any luck, I’ll get a post together tonight–otherwise, tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience (presumably; you could be gnashing your teeth and rending your garments and I wouldn’t have a clue, would I?). Chat soon. Mwah.


Oh man. I was all rarin’ to go on a big old post today. I was gonna teach you how to reupholster dining chairs, because mine are done and they look so awesome I think I can basically consider myself an authority on the subject (or at least on how to half-ass it). I was […]

christmas footprint (bootprint?)

So I try not to even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, because I really like Thanksgiving–lots of food, you hang out with your family, but no pressure to give/receive gifts and not many songs (which are festive and exciting for like a week and then just aggravating). The thing is, due to limited financial […]

daily accomplishments

Do you use Pinterest? If not, I’m sorry in advance. You’re probably going to Google it to figure out what I’m talking about, then you’ll go there and get an account, and then your life will be over because you’ll spend 100% of your time frantically clicking through little pictures of things to make and […]