room inspiration: mourning dove

Today, September 21, is the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. The symbol of the day is a peace dove, and so I decided to put together a little dove-themed inspiration board in honor of the occasion. Here in Missouri, mourning doves are everywhere–those beautiful, soft gray birds with a pretty coo. I used to […]

operation awesome office

This happened a while back (the weekend before Valentine’s Day this year–I think the aftermath of a blizzard had just melted and I was itching to do something), but I thought I’d share it with you in preparation for a smallish before-and-after project I’ll be writing about later this week. Our office, when we moved […]

say nope to the taupe

I adore colors. I love them in paint, in fabric, in nature, or just in little swatches in a Pantone book. Whenever I find things arranged in a rainbow in Target or some other store, I immediately feel compelled to buy one (and then I’m sad later when I only have the one color and […]

why hello there

Hello friends! I’m Kate, and this is my blog. I’m a twentysomething graphic designer addicted to cooking, DIY and interior design. I’m starting this little project to share what I’ve got with the world–namely, my DIY projects, graphic work, and the recipes I stumble across in my day-to-day adventures. My main gig is my Etsy […]