There’s a chance that if you’re reading this, you got here from Apartment Therapy…because my dining room is featured there today!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.40.51 PM

I’ve been feeling like garbage for 4 days now (a fun respiratory virus has been going around) and this was a better pick-me-up than any Quil (Day or Ny) or hot toddy. I have been reading AT for so many years, I can’t quite wrap my head around my little house being up on that front page. It all feels like a beautiful, cough-syrup-induced dream.

If you’re new around here, please look around! It’s been a bit since I posted, what with the holidays and all, but that’ll be changing—I’ve signed up for the January Cure (starting today!) and plan to blog milestones throughout the process. The room I’ll be focusing on the most is our much-neglected guest bedroom. I’m about to do a post explaining all my grandiose ideas, plus showing you what it looks like now, but since it’s a special occasion I’ll show you the general idea up front:


But what does it all meeeeean?! I’ll explain the whole setup soon. I also have some master bedroom stuff to talk about, so hold tight and expect some new photos in the next couple days!