Lately I’ve been inspired to do a lot of surface design. I’ve completed two new fabric collections and am working on more almost every day. While the completed collections are still in proofing at Spoonflower and can’t be bought just yet (I hope within a few weeks if the proofs look good!), they’re up on a plethora of stuff at society6. I think pretty much everybody knows you can get prints there, but did you know you can get mugs, tote bags, pillows, shower curtains, T-shirts, and about a dozen other things? It’s pretty cool, and it’s all made in the U.S. While the profit margin I take home is smaller than it would be if I still sold my own stuff on Etsy, the fact that I don’t have to worry about production, shipping, or customer service makes my life way easier and gives me a lot more time to focus on making new stuff. Check out some of my favorite items from my new collections, Rainy Day Dream and California Quail!



I’ll announce it here when they’re proofed and ready to go on Spoonflower, so keep an eye out. Thanks for looking (and shopping???????).