I realized it’s been a while since I posted any work here. I do a lot of drawings that maybe aren’t a big enough deal to add to my portfolio, but that I like anyway for various reasons. Here’s some recent work!

A portrait I did for my creative director, of her three-year-old daughter and their two fox terriers:

audrey, max & molly

A Christmas gift for Benny, my youngest nephew, whose room is getting a truck-themed makeover:

benny's trucks

A just-for-fun doodle of Bilbo Baggins contemplating adventure, glory and near-certain death:

bilbo's smoke

A little set of doodles inspired by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

walter triptych

walter closeup

And a quick little gif, just for something fun to post on dribbble, of miss Luna scratching her floppy ears:    luna scratching

That’s all for today. More to come soon!