What was intended as a several-day process—maybe several weeks tops—ballooned into almost six months of work on this site. I had originally planned to primarily revamp the blog, while also integrating a nicer portfolio section. But over the summer, I thought about the future of the site, and what I would feel most engaged with. What would help my career, and my development as an artist, while still being interesting to look at and to read?

I’m a compulsively fascinated person—everything is interesting to me, and I want to learn how to do it all. This is a fun way to live, but does make it difficult to choose what one wants to do when one “grows up.” I’ve never been able to set career goals because I’ve never been clear on what it was I wanted to do. After working for Inside Columbia for nearly a year, I’ve discovered that what really makes me happy—the type of assignment that gets me excited to get out of bed and into the office in the mornings—is illustration. I love the creative problem-solving process, I love the complete freedom of color and texture and line. And so, with this established, I’ve been steadily working to reorient myself.

I decided that the greater focus of my online presence needed to be on my work. The only way to snag clients is to be seen, and by hiding my portfolio behind a blog, I wasn’t giving it the spotlight it needed. My hope is that the new site design puts more of the focus on what I do rather than what I think or say—while still giving a platform to those things, too. You’re still going to see DIY projects and recipes because those things still matter to me. But you’ll also see new work I’m proud of, things I’m inspired by, and all manner of other things that contribute to the process of illustration. If you’re viewing this on a computer, rather than a phone or tablet, you’ll see a couple of sidebar widgets. The first is the latest thumbnails from my daily doodle project, and you can always click through to go see them. I won’t cross-post all of them here, only the ones I’m most proud of.

You’ll also notice, if you look at my Instagram feed, that our household has changed a little since the last time I posted. 2013 has been a very mixed bag, I’m afraid. We had to say goodbye to both Helvetica (who died in February of heart failure) and Arial (who died just two weeks ago from a recurrence of her kidney cancer), as well as Mitzy (who died in May after struggling with mast cell tumors for several years). All of these losses were heartbreaking, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss my darling furry friends. On the bright side, in June we brought home a new family member, Luna, who will get her own proper introduction post shortly. If you’re desperate for details in the meantime, though, may I recommend her tumblr?

If you’re still here and reading this—thanks so much for sticking with me. I’m feeling totally inspired with the new layout and looking forward to filling up this space with an endless amount of scribbling and rambling. If you have any feedback on the new design, I’d love to hear it!