Jimmy and I are kinda-sorta house hunting. By “kinda-sorta,” I mean we don’t have a lot of money, we have a lease that isn’t up until July and it’s probably not really time to be looking for a house, but we’ve pretty much decided on moving next year and I’m determined to have a) a “real” house and b) a place we can renovate/do things to without fear of losing a security deposit.

Half the fun of getting a new place is daydreaming about how you’ll decorate it (probably more than half, really–signing papers and moving and updating contact info are all super aggravating). So ever since the very glimmer of possibility that we might move cropped up, I’ve been plotting and scheming our theoretical new house and driving Jimmy bonkers with my ideas. Since he seems pretty tired of hearing about it, and you all voluntarily come here to read this, I thought I’d share my ideas with you!

The object of my obsession thus far has been our imaginary next bedroom. Since I’m living in Fantasyland (the one in my head, not the one in Disney World), the room in my head is decently large yet cozy, with high ceilings, airy windows, an enormous walk-in closet, and a perfectly-worn hardwood floor. Oh, and old crown molding with cool architectural details. In reality, given our budget, I”m sure this will translate to a closet-sized room, a matchbox-sized closet, 8′ ceilings, a teensy corner window, and gnarly old carpet. And the only “molding” in sight will be the kind that grows uninvited on your drywall.

But I can dream! And so, I share with you the product of weeks of Pinterest mania, my dream bedroom inspiration board.

The general look I’m going for is dark and dramatic, but brightened up by the light and airy bed and accessories. I’ve never painted a wall anything so bold as navy (well, eggplant once, but it was in a bathroom) and I’ve never been daring enough to have white bedding. But hey, we can dream, right? Here’s the DL:

1. A picture I’ve ogled for years from now-defunct Domino mag (sniffle, sob, pour out drink) shows the general color scheme I’ve got in mind, minus the pink ceiling. Deep navy walls (hopefully in a suede-like paint), crisp white bed linens, and vintage gold accents. I’d also like a headboard, although white isn’t my style there; I’m thinking either a cool Marimekko-style print or something salvaged.

2. A funky alternative to the usual “big mirror over dresser” thing, I love this collage of vintage mirrors, particularly with little pendant lights in front of them. It’s not as functional as a giant plate mirror, but it’s got great personality–and given the prices of thrift-store mirrors, could be a real bargain.

3. I searched for ages for the perfect over-the-bed light fixture. I knew I didn’t want a traditional chandelier, or a paper lantern, or one of those ceiling-mounted “nipple fixtures.” I fell in love with this brass fixture covered in little globe lights, but I think it’s around $2500–more than I’d like to spend on the entire room! But I think with a little creativity and electrical savvy I can DIY something similarly awesome from brass pipe. I’ll keep you posted.

4. I love the look of a four-poster, but I’m too fickle to commit to a big expensive piece of furniture I may not always love. Instead, I think this is genius–installing curtain rods or hospital track on the ceiling, then hanging curtains where the four posts would be. I imagine it would also make the room look taller.

5. I’m currently in the process of restoring an Eames chair my friend Josh generously gave me (on the condition that I figured out how to reupholster it and then taught him!). It’s an armchair rocker like this, only with upholstery (see #8).

6. The jury’s still out on this, a little bit. Jimmy’s contribution to our bedroom furniture was his childhood dresser set–a tall 4-drawer chest and a low 6-drawer dresser. They’re minimalist and have cool hardware, and I love them. Originally I intended to paint them glossy white in our new place, but I’ve since discovered that they’re real wood and I hate to do that. So I’m considering just stripping and re-staining them, either a driftwood color or a deep walnut. Or, compromise alert, maybe staining the actual dresser and just painting the drawer fronts white. We’ll see.

7. I love Anthropologie’s Rosette bedding, but at around $300 for a queen duvet it ain’t happening. This tutorial, though, makes it seem totally DIY-able. I don’t care for jersey bedding, anyway, which is what the original is made from. Think I’d replicate it in a nice soft cotton sateen or bamboo.

8. Remember the Eames rocker from #5? If all goes well, this is the upholstery it’s getting. Premier Prints Suzani in Corn/White Slub. I think it’ll mimic the gold and brass accents of the room nicely and bring in a fun print so it isn’t stodgy.

9. I love throw pillows. I can’t help it. I don’t know why, they don’t serve any real purpose, but I do. Since I’m DIY-ing the bedding, I’d love to DIY some cool textural pillows in other shades of white. This felt circle tutorial sounds easy enough, and the result is super cool.

10. I’m really pretty much done with carpet. I hate vacuuming it, I hate worrying about spills, and I don’t even really like the way it looks. I’m hoping for some lovely old hardwood in our next place–otherwise, Pergo here we come.

So what do you think? Hot or hot mess? I’m way excited, even if we don’t currently have a house to do all this stuff with. With any luck, this’ll get it out of my system a little so poor Jimmy can finish watching Lord of the Rings in peace.