Sometimes I wonder if I have adult-onset ADD or something. I have the hardest time sticking to a single project. I actually think it’s a byproduct of art school, when I had to think about eighty different things at the same time. I’m still in that mindset, except instead of being assigned a million projects, I think of them myself.

Yeah. Like that. Even the things that are clearly the most important–like finishing commissions, taking care of the shop, and doing the things (eating, sleeping, maintaining a basic level of hygiene) that keep a person alive–get lost in the jumble of ideas inside my head. It’s a cliché, but there literally aren’t enough hours in the day.

Every once in a while, my brain will get stuck, and just refuse to move on. Maybe it’s obsessive-compulsive instead of ADD. Jimmy will patiently listen to me babble for weeks about pet rats, or a friend’s kitchen renovation, or the possibility of buying a house next year. He will sit and quietly go crazy as I shove Apartment Therapy and Domino and House Beautiful books and magazines under his nose, exclaiming about this or that paint color while he nods thoughtfully and thinks about, I’m sure, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, or Russian cinema, or maybe picking up a drinking habit.

The other day, this happened:

Why that particular item jumped out at me, I’ve no idea. It’s certainly not the most pressing or important. We usually eat on the couch watching Star Trek, and our dining room table has been occupied for the last month by an “ironic” Three Wolf Moon puzzle we lost interest in once we discovered it was hard. But my feeble brain latched onto the idea, and now I have two options:

1. Indulge the impulse and get it out of the way.

2. Half-ass all my other projects to get them out of the way so I can do it guilt-free.

I’m actually doing a combination of the two. I cunningly ordered the fabric for this redo on Etsy, so it’ll take some time to get here, and in the meantime I can work on the projects I actually need to work on (Sadye, I swear I haven’t forgotten you, I’m just irresponsible). The good news is, once it actually shows up, it’ll be a quick project. No, really. I see that look. But I’ve done this one before, two years ago, and it genuinely is quick and painless. The existing chairs look like this:

This was after their first reupholster. Back when we moved in, I had a different style and a different idea of what I wanted our place to look like. Since then, my sense of style has lightened up considerably, become a lot more fun and flashy. The stripes aren’t doing it for me anymore; they reside in a corner of the room dominated by a large oil painting of a farm being attacked by UFOs, a drawing of rotten tomatoes, and a gigantic CB2 pendant lamp. It ain’t workin’.

Miraculously, Jimmy agrees with me on this and actively encourages this project, so it’s on like Donkey Kong. I hate to paint perfectly good wood, and these chairs have meaning for me (my parents bought them for their very first “joint” dining room), so I have to modernize them in other ways. I also want to “glam” them up a little, but in a fun rather than froofy way. This is what we’re thinking:

I dig dipped furniture legs, but since these are dining chairs the legs are usually under the table. Those knobs on the top, though…those look like prime dipping territory. To make it a little snazzier than plain old paint, I’m going at ’em with gold leaf. I think it’ll contrast really nicely with the walnut stain, and be just a tiny bit glamorous. Or it could be horrible. We’ll see. As for the seat, it’s getting a treatment of the slubby grey-and-white chevron canvas you see above. I was thinking classic black & white, but Jimmy wasn’t into it and the grey is a little less obvious, anyway. I’ll also be adding a crap ton of extra padding, as those seats are currently about as comfortable as that episode of Friends where Ross says the wrong name at his wedding.

I’ll keep you posted! (Provided, of course, that I don’t wander off and decide to build a credenza or some other ridiculous thing.)