Hello friends! I’m Kate, and this is my blog. I’m a twentysomething graphic designer addicted to cooking, DIY and interior design. I’m starting this little project to share what I’ve got with the world–namely, my DIY projects, graphic work, and the recipes I stumble across in my day-to-day adventures.

My main gig is my Etsy shop, where I sell wedding invitations, posters, birth announcements, and other design goodies. I’m also working on my first line of furniture and home goods. My tastes are always evolving, but in general I love the clean lines of mid-century modern combined with unexpected color combinations and funky prints.

I also cook constantly and love to share recipes. Most of them come from my favorite food blogs, but I love a well-designed cookbook and never turn down a classic from Julia Child or the like. I almost never cook a recipe twice (unless it goes into the Super Amazing Fun Time Cookbook, a binder of the recipes I can’t live without) so if you’ve got something vegetarian and delicious, send it my way!

So without further ado…let’s get this show on the road!