One of my favorite things to do (both in planning for our first house, which will hopefully happen in the next year or so, and in general) is to create room mood boards that draw their inspiration from a single object or piece of artwork. Since I’m a full-time Etsy seller, I like to browse my fellow sellers’ shops and pick out inspiring works to base boards around. I’m like a mystery shopper, except nobody’s paying me, I don’t buy anything and my recommendation has little to no influence. Glamorous!

I’m going to start sharing these boards with you on a regular-ish basis, because they’re fun and (who knows?) might be genuinely helpful to someone stuck on a new room plan. If you’d like to see a board based on a particular object, color or “feeling,” leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Today’s inspiration board is based on a lovely little print from Etsy by Keith of dekanimal:

A colorful little Bird by dekanimalIsn’t it cute? Pretty hearts and organic florals, all mixed together in beautiful (and inspiring) shades of grey, cream and plum. Plus, those bright little speckles of burnt red-orange keep it from being too somber for a room. So off I went to travel the Internets in search of furniture and decor to do this little birdie justice. Here’s what I came up with:

Plum & Cream inspiration boardThe paint color is Valspar’s “Sterling,” a nice, pale purple-grey. It’s got enough violet undertone to mesh well with the purples in the print, without looking like a little girl’s room (make no mistake–despite the fun colors and shapes, this is 100% suitable for grown-ups). You can get it at Lowe’s, among other places. Now, on to the rest of the board!

1. The aforementioned print by dekanimal on Etsy. Cute, but stylish (not at all froofy).

2. This gorgeous ruffled Le Klint pendant mimics the curved shapes of the print in a nice minimalist shade of white. At $493.50, it’s not exactly a steal, but maybe a DIY version could be arranged?

3. Cream-and-white curtain panels (from Crate & Barrel) in a classic chevron bring an understated graphic touch to the windows.

4. Simple walnut furniture (like this Shelf bed from CB2) warms up the room and contrasts with the sinuous curves of the print, pouf and lamp.

5. You can’t go wrong with Marimekko, and this bed set from Crate & Barrel perfectly compliments the warmer tones in the print.

6. A fun shag throw pillow from Crate & Barrel brings some texture to the smooth bed linens and ties in the lovely, dusky purple.

7. A few bright pops of burnt orange (like this basketweave pillow from CB2) bring out the tiniest details of the print and keep the palette from being too somber.

8. A plum throw (like this one from Crate & Barrel) across the foot of the bed or draped casually in a chair brings in the redder purple tone (and is handy to snuggle with).

9. A funky rug with shades of gray and hints of black (like this awesome atomic-print one from Overstock) anchors the room without being dull or heavy.

10. A bundle of dried florals in vibrant burnt orange bring a delicate shot of color to the room. They’d look great in the swirly vase!

11. A chunky cable-knit pouf adds texture to the room, along with a comfy place to sit and read. (Someone with knitting skills could totally DIY this, for sure.)

12. This table lamp‘s chunky shape mirrors the print of the Marimekko bedding, and at just $20, you can afford two for your nightstands.

13. This minimalistic nightstand from Target coordinates nicely with the CB2 walnut pieces without matching exactly. Two drawers keep boring essentials out of the way.

14. I don’t always like matchy furniture, but this low walnut dresser from CB2 looks so gorgeous with the bed, it works in this case.

15. A set of 3 cream-colored sphere candles on the dresser soften its rigid lines and bring warmth (literally and figuratively) to the room.

16. This swirly purple-and-white vase from Crate & Barrel echoes the organic shapes of the prints in a sleek, glossy form.

Welp, that’s it for this one! What do you think, is this a look you could live with? I demand (OK, politely request) your thoughts! Enjoy–I’m going to go reluctantly turn on the heat for the first time this season. Sigh.